Training Workshops offered with UQAT

ANPSS together with UQAT offers training in cultural sensitivity for those in the health sector.  While UQAT recommends checking their website for updated dates and locations for these training workshops, they are also available to come to the community if there is enough interest.

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ANS Chiefs Request Separate Consultation Process

Following a meeting with the National Capital Commission (NCC) in March 2016, the Chiefs of the Algonquin Nation Secretariat request for a separate consultation process.

The Letter from the ANS Chiefs can be found here

Attached to this letter were the following documents:

ANS to AFN Re Resolution 49/2015 – 2016-05-05

Algonquin CERD Summary

AFN Resolution No. 49/2015

AFNQL Resolution No. 27/2015

Teanasco Post Attachment re: Zibi November 9, 2015

Zibi Invitation for May 7, 2016 Session

Results of “Algonquins of Ontario” Vote Continues to Cause Concern

On March 17th, the results of the recent ratification vote on the “Algonquins of Ontario” (AOO) Agreement in Principle were publicly released. Based on the results of this vote, the Chiefs of Wolf Lake, Timiskaming and Kebaowek (Eagle Village) continue to express serious concerns about the legitimacy of the AOO negotiation process.

Press Release 2016-03-21 TFN WLFN KFN Re: AOO vote

Algonquin Chiefs Opposed to “Algonquins of Ontario” Claims Process

The “Algonquins of Ontario” (AOO) have been negotiating with Canada and Ontario for over 20 years on the issue of Aboriginal title and rights.  They have reached the Agreement in Principle (AIP) stage, and are voting to ratify that AIP February 27 – March 7.

Many Algonquin communities are very concerned about the impact of this vote.  Timiskaming, Wolf Lake and Kebaowek (Eagle Village) have asserted Aboriginal rights, including title, to over 855,000 acres of lands within the AOO claim area (see map showing overlap below).  Canada and Ontario have so far refused to address these overlapping interests.

AOO - SAR Overlap, February 1, 2016_reduced

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Specific Claims Tribunal Act – 5 Year Review

When the Specific Claims Tribunal Act (SCTA) came into effect in October 2008, a 5 year review process was also committed to.  First Nations groups as well as other research groups were eligible to participate in this review process.

The Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development appointed a special representative, Benoit Pelletier, to conduct the review. In April of 2015, ANS made a presentation to Pelletier on behalf of the First Nations of Timiskaming, Wolf Lake, Barriere Lake and Eagle Village.

The presentation provided a good background and expressed concerns regarding the scope of the review taken by the Minister.  The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) has supported a broader discussion of the 5 year review. ANS provided the AFN with a presentation kit to aid in that discussion.

A copy of this presentation and the kit are found below:

ANS Presentation to Benoit Pelletier 5 Year Review

ANS to AFN Re SCTA – kit

ANS and Eagle Village First Nation Joint Brief to Ministerial Special Representative Douglas Eyford

In 2014, Canada announced that it would develop a renewed Comprehensive Claims Policy (CCP). They appointed Douglas Eyford as Ministerial Special Representative. His task was to meet with First Nations groups and stakeholders, who were invited to make presentations regarding the CCP. In October 2014, the Algonquin Nation Secretariat, along with Eagle Village First Nation, made a presentation. The copy of this presentation can be found below:

2014-10-30 ANS brief to Eyford Re Comprehensive Claims Policy

Statement of Assertion of Aboriginal Rights and Title

23 January, 2013. The Algonquin communities of Timiskaming, Wolf Lake, and Eagle Village held a press conference today to present their assertion of Aboriginal Rights and Title to their traditional territories. The area in question includes over 34,000 square kilometres of the Ottawa Valley, and straddles the Ontario-Quebec border.

The purpose of the announcement is to give the governments of Canada, Ontario, and Quebec formal notice of these First Nation’s asserted Aboriginal Rights and Title. The press conference precedes a meeting on January 24th, , 2013 with negotiators representing the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, to address issues arising from the “Algonquins of Ontario” land claim. Meetings with the government of Quebec are in the process of being confirmed. The intention of Timiskaming, Wolf Lake, and Eagle Village is to begin a process of engagement with Canada, Ontario, and Quebec, to address their Aboriginal rights and title through consultation, accommodation, and good faith negotiations.

Timiskaming, Wolf Lake and Eagle Village are committed to the future of their home region, and they see the recognition of their rights as a means to ensure that they can contribute in a proactive and meaningful way, for the benefit of all. Over the next weeks and months, Timiskaming, Wolf Lake and Eagle Village will be meeting with neighbouring communities to address issues arising from this assertion of rights.

Materials for download related to this Statement of Assertion of Rights can be found below.

Press release for regional media (French)
Press release for regional media (English)

Press release for national media (French)
Press release for national media (English)

Overview of the Statement of Assertion of Rights (French)
Overview of the Statement of Assertion of Rights (English)

Map showing area over which rights are being asserted (low resolution)
Map showing area over which rights are being asserted (hi resolution)