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Manager-Community Profiles & Economic Development (ANPSS)
Full time position

POSITION: Manager – Community Profiles & Economic Development (ANPSS)


The Manager will work directly with department directors of the member communities to develop and put in place the tools and systems that will:

• Provide relevant, accurate and timely data, profiling community demographics and key indicators and trends, to inform the decisions of the administrative and political leadership of the member communities.
• Provide coordination to support regional economic development and support for band-owned businesses and local entrepreneurs.
• Establish secure back-up data systems with and for the member communities. _________________________________________________________________


A. Academic, technical and professional qualifications:
1. A university degree with a major in any one of Social Services, Community Development, Economics, Statistics, Political Science, Indigenous Studies, Administration.
2. A diploma, certificate or accreditation in business administration, project management, continuous improvement, or other related expertise is an asset.

B. Work experience and job skills:
A proven track record (i.e. 3 – 5 years of superior performance) in …
1. Managing the planning, development, design, implementation, and regular evaluation of data gathering systems that profile key outcomes and trends in all aspects of community life and development.
• The management of data systems and projects, including designing, generating and analyzing customized reports for the administrative and political leadership of each member community, and overseeing secure data back-up systems.
• Developing the appropriate policy framework to govern the collection, storage, access and use of all collected data.
2. Relevant work experience related to FN economic development initiatives, including a good knowledge of UNDRIP.
3. Managing and developing personnel in a strong teamwork environment.
4. Strong communications skills, orally and in writing.
5. Strong interpersonal skills and credibility and trust in relations with administrative and political leadership in FN organizations and communities. Good skills in interest- based problem solving.
6. Planning and managing unit finances.

And be a person of good character who can consistently represent the best interests of the ANPSS in all internal and external dealings.

Preference will be given to an Anishinaabe or other First Nation candidates.

Please Forward your resume in confidence to:


Algonquin Nation Programs and Services Secretariat
33 Richard Rd
Timiskaming First Nation Quebec
J0Z 3B0

Attention: Annie Presseault
Phone: 819 723-2019