ANPSS Update



18th January 2023

The Board, consisting of the Chiefs and representatives from the Algonquins of Barriere Lake, Timiskaming First Nation, and Wolf Lake First Nation met on the 18th of January, 2023 and approved the following by consensus agreement, as is the way of the Anishinaabe:

  1. The Implementation Plan for the new ANPSS Strategic Plan, which was approved by the members at the AGA in October 2022
  2. The organizational structure at the ANPSS that will be required to enable it to deliver the outcomes from the Strategic Plan
  3. Confirmation of Annie Presseault as Interim Executive Director
  4. Approval of the ANPSS Work Plan and Budget for the operating period to 31 March 2024, which focuses on core operating funds
    • We will have to seek additional and sustained, multi-year funding to support the full implementation of the Strategic Plan, and this will be addressed at the next meeting of the Board
  5. Appointment of WLFN Chief Lisa Robinson as Chair of the Board of ANPSS, for a term of 3 years

Should you want any additional information, please call the office (819-723-2019), or visit our website, which is also being updated.