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Results of “Algonquins of Ontario” Vote Continues to Cause Concern

On March 17th, the results of the recent ratification vote on the “Algonquins of Ontario” (AOO) Agreement in Principle were publicly released. Based on the results of this vote, the Chiefs of Wolf Lake, Timiskaming and Kebaowek (Eagle Village) continue to express serious concerns about the legitimacy of the AOO negotiation process.

Press Release 2016-03-21 TFN WLFN KFN Re: AOO vote

Algonquin Chiefs Opposed to “Algonquins of Ontario” Claims Process

The “Algonquins of Ontario” (AOO) have been negotiating with Canada and Ontario for over 20 years on the issue of Aboriginal title and rights.  They have reached the Agreement in Principle (AIP) stage, and are voting to ratify that AIP February 27 – March 7.

Many Algonquin communities are very concerned about the impact of this vote.  Timiskaming, Wolf Lake and Kebaowek (Eagle Village) have asserted Aboriginal rights, including title, to over 855,000 acres of lands within the AOO claim area (see map showing overlap below).  Canada and Ontario have so far refused to address these overlapping interests.

AOO - SAR Overlap, February 1, 2016_reduced

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