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Specific Claims Tribunal Act – 5 Year Review

When the Specific Claims Tribunal Act (SCTA) came into effect in October 2008, a 5 year review process was also committed to.  First Nations groups as well as other research groups were eligible to participate in this review process.

The Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development appointed a special representative, Benoit Pelletier, to conduct the review. In April of 2015, ANS made a presentation to Pelletier on behalf of the First Nations of Timiskaming, Wolf Lake, Barriere Lake and Eagle Village.

The presentation provided a good background and expressed concerns regarding the scope of the review taken by the Minister.  The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) has supported a broader discussion of the 5 year review. ANS provided the AFN with a presentation kit to aid in that discussion.

A copy of this presentation and the kit are found below:

ANS Presentation to Benoit Pelletier 5 Year Review

ANS to AFN Re SCTA – kit